Sunday 15 October 2017

Flailing Tories reactionary policy initiatives

May by all accounts is an excellent administrator. But she is no leader and her 'flagship' housing policy at the Tory conference this month was to finance a pathetic 5000 more houses a year. It's hard to believe how the leadership could have considered that to not have been a joke.

Now a Chancellor facing calls to resign is rejigging a new budget.

Corbyn is describing the career Tories as offering failing managerial politics, frankly, I struggle to see any actual management. At least Tony Blair tried to dream up policies by focus group. This final group of career politicoes are doing by crisis reaction. Truly pathetic.

Corby promising change, even if they havent figured out the details should win the next election. The pressure from Europe to make unreasonable payments is likely to split the Tories, with most Brexiteers not wanting to pay anything, particularly when there is an economic case for the EU to pay us to access our market.

One wonders how long a truly failing Tory government can last if it cant push through legislation. Breitbart are also planning to reinfiltrate UKIP supporters into grassroots Tory constituencies to change the MP selection.

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