Monday 5 June 2017

How do you explain the rise of Corbyn?

How do you explain the rise of Corbyn?
(or Sanders, Trump, Le Pen, Melenchon, Tsipras, PODEMOS, AfD, Wilders etc.)

General factors:
- People tired of the reflate wall street/ main street austerity framework post-08
- Career politicians bought off, incompetent, no reforms, policy inertia
- Main stream media are somewhat discredited vs independent media being available online

Specific factors:
- Corbyn was relatively unknown, ridiculed by media, but as he has been allowed a platform in this election people have listened to him, in the same way Andrea Ledsom was given prominence by the Brexit campaign
- He presented a programme of reform, investment, wage growth, benefiting most, while not being too aggressive on SME owners or global businesses
- May is a career politician with little or no policies to speak of

In France, Macron, a centrist, won vs the two alt candidates as he promised hope & reform without upheaval

Its not clear what the outcome of the UK election is, I would guess a hung parliament at the moment.

But what is clear is the process of electorates rejecting centrist, incumbent party career politicians at the first chance. They are voting in the candidates offering reform and who are usually alternative right or left candidates, outsiders.  Seems clear that if you want to win an election now you have to have a substantial reform programme

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