Friday 29 November 2019

Corbyn climbs to 34% in the polls

Since releasing their manifesto Labour seem to have risen from about 30% to 34%. So far seems to be the Lib Dems that have lost the votes to Labour with potentially more losses to come. 

The Tories are flat lining, having already won the Brexit party votes. Corbyn really needs to take a few points off the Tories to get a hung parliament, otherwise a small Tory majority is most likely. Labour are the third party in Scotland as well. 

But I don't think the polls are accurate. As posted before, Im sceptical the polls are picking up the surge in young voters who either don't have land lines or don't answer unknown mobile callers.

Anything less than a 2-3% point majority into the election and I think The Absolute Boy will have good chance of lucking into Downing Street. Even with the Tories scoring a few points more than Labour the chance of a hung Parliament is high, which would leave Labour with either negative control or the option of forming a coalition with the SNP.

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