Monday 4 September 2017

North Korea's miscalculation

North Korea's miscalculation as it continues to escalate.

Why is the US even interested in North Korea?

Because its a bellicose dictatorship and like many others creates an external enemy/ supposed aggressor to enable domestic martial law and internal control. The calculus of this has led North Korea to progressively escalate to the point of creating nuke bombs and ICBMs while still threatening the US.

If the US does nothing with North Korea escalating, the pain is felt in Washington, while if the US strikes and it goes wrong, the pain is felt in Seoul. If the US strikes successfully the upside is felt in Washington and lots of contracts for US companies.

If the US opts for stockade-like sanctions, North Korea pretty much has to escalate. 

Hopefully the situation wont escalate but North Korea seems determined to do so and perhaps they are miscalculating the willingness of the people around Trump to act.

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